Oakglen is a group of investment and operating companies with interests across the UK, Channel Islands, Europe and North America in the real estate, private equity and financial services sectors. Oakglen is privately-owned and headquartered in Jersey, Channel Islands.

The Group takes a long-term, strategic approach to investment, with the objective of delivering sustainable capital growth through cycles, whilst always operating from a position of financial strength.

Our diversified portfolio of businesses includes wholly and partially owned trading subsidiaries, businesses in which we are an investor and investments where we are the operator working alongside our capital partners. As such, building long-term partnerships is central to the success of our business and is instilled in our culture. 

At Oakglen we seek to  build, grow and operate best-in-class businesses to generate sustained value over time. We do so with active leadership, support and governance from the Group, and by working closely with the senior management teams of each of our businesses.