Wealth Management

Oakglen Wealth was established in 2016, on completion of a management buyout of the Credit Suisse Jersey business. The majority of that management team and most of the client base remain today although both continue to grow. The firm provides discretionary and advisory investment management services to private clients, trustees, charities and family offices. There has been substantial consolidation in the wealth management sector in recent years, often resulting in simplification and homogonisation of services available to clients. Oakglen Wealth continues to prioritise providing the services that clients want and not those simply easiest to deliver. Operating best-in-class systems is key to doing so.

Oakglen Wealth’s discretionary investment management service allows clients to delegate the day-to-day management of their wealth by allocating to our range of seven model portfolios. Our team works with clients to understand their risk tolerances and return objectives to devise optimal solutions. The portfolios were designed and are managed with as much focus on risk as return, with volatility and drawdowns as key measures. We believe these disciplines are critical to achieving optimal risk-adjusted returns consistently. Oakglen’s advisory service enables clients who have an interest in capital markets and enjoy evaluating economic and company research to retain investment decisions whilst benefiting from our support throughout the investment process.

For more information about Oakglen Wealth, please visit oakglenwealth.com.

Oakglen Wealth is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission and the Financial Conduct Authority.